Cagle Industrial specializes in the maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of industrial equipment.  With a staff of OEM trained service technicians and over 30 years of "hands on" experience, we have the talent and resources to handle the challenges of keeping equipment in production.  With today's tendencies to minimize in-house maintenance people, companies depend on us to handle their service requirements in both an efficient and cost effective manner.  Whether it be an individual piece of equipment or a complete system, Cagle is prepared to get the job done.  Our technicians are trained in all relevant areas of service and repair.  This includes hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and controls.

Cagle Industrial has developed resources for the quickest most cost effective supply of repair parts, whether purchased or machine shop items.  We have our own in-house machine shop which can provide 24/7 response time to critical needs.  This facility also includes a welding and fabricating department.

We recognize the importance of keeping your equipment operating and productive.  Our technicians will arrive prepared with the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.  We are prepared to handle equipment rebuilds both in the field and at their facility.  Equipment can be inspected and a written cost estimate can be provided.  Equipment requiring removal and repair at our facility is available for customer inspection and testing under power.  Complete and professional rebuilding with warranties also available. 

Many existing components and systems can be easily upgraded or modernized.  This work can be done for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.  With changes, many of these older machines will be as productive and efficient as new equipment.  Modern electronics and controls are major contributors to higher and more accurate production.  Operator enhancements such as those that improve material handling time are also key to higher productivity and safer operation.

~~Have confidence that Cagle Industrial has the knowledge and experience that will make your project a success!